Vehicle Signwriting guarantees: what to look out for

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When you’re choosing a vehicle signwriting supplier there are several things to consider, including cost and project turnaround time. But one added extra you should also consider is a guarantee. Having confidence in the products and services provided by your vehicle wrap supplier in East Sussex can make the difference between maximising your ROI and a car signwriting disaster. 

Here’s what to consider when you’re looking for a supplier to turn your car or vehicle fleet into mobile billboards.

Warranties vs guarantees

The warranties provided by product manufacturers are a given. And we only use vinyls from leading manufacturers like Avery and 3M whose products are high quality, long lasting and easy to install. 

A typical warranty will cover physical and manufacturing defects that affect the performance of your car wrap, plus printing and ink and cutting defects that affect the final appearance of your graphics. 

However, we go further and provide an independent 36 month guarantee – it’s our way of demonstrating that the final product and customer service remains paramount to all our company and client interactions.

Making sure your vehicle wrap lasts the distance

Choosing your vehicle wrap supplier carefully is the best way to ensure that your wrap goes the distance. State-of-the-art print technology combined with our expertise in the car signwriting business ensures the best possible outcomes.

While the design and manufacture of your wrap are critical, it’s also essential that it’s properly installed. A wrap that fails fast will destroy your ROI, which is why you should look for an installer who’s prepared to guarantee their workmanship.

If you want to make sure your vehicle wrap lasts at least as long as the guarantee, avoid car washes and pressure washers. A gentle but thorough wash at least once a month will keep your wrap in tip-top shape.

The Vehicle Signwriting guarantee

As part of The Sussex Sign Company group, we offer a 36 month guarantee on all goods and services against any defects in the product itself, or the application and installation of your car wrap.

Our guarantee validates the confidence we have in our selection of products – confidence that we share with our customers who can choose from quality vinyls from 3M, Avery and more. And we’re happy to stand behind the standard of work of our skilled and talented team who have the expertise, training and accreditation to bring your ideas to life.

As a credible organisation, we put customer service at the heart of everything we do. It’s a key indicator of the service we provide, and our three year guarantee gives end-users additional reassurance if there are any issues or concerns. 

For fleet managers, a 36 month guarantee will cover a typical vehicle lease lifespan for additional peace of mind.

Vehicle signwriting in East Sussex

From decals to partial and full car wraps, we’ve got you covered. And with our three year guarantee you can enjoy a boost to your branding without any hassle. Contact us now to discuss your vehicle wrapping and signwriting needs.

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