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If you want to get increased visibility for your East Sussex business, vehicle signwriting is a great way to start. But how do you know you’re working with a professional company that won’t let you down? Check they are accredited.

Why are accreditations important?

Members of a professional industry body are proud to show off their accreditations. They’re an at-a-glance way of assessing whether a company will deliver the service you want in a timely fashion.

Accreditation shows that you can trust a company to get the job done to the highest possible standards. It’s a sign that they’ve been evaluated and assessed using strict industry guidelines. An accredited organisation will also be aware of any regulations, laws and standards regarding vehicle wraps and signage so you know your vinyl wrap won’t fall foul of the law.

Why you should work with an accredited organisation

Vehicle wraps may offer one of the best returns on investment when it comes to costs per impression. But before making any business investment you need to know that you’re getting value for money as well as a cost-effective form of marketing. Here’s why you should always choose an accredited organisation to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard:

Highest standards

An accredited organisation needs to meet a set of standards laid out by their industry. And there’s a reason why not all vehicle wrap companies can offer that safeguard. Reaching those standards can be difficult and time-consuming. At Vehicle Signwriting, we’ve done the hard work so you can enjoy peace of mind whenever you work with us.

Safe and legal 

Having your vehicle wrapped is considered to be a modification which means you need to notify the DVLA of a change of colour. Working with an accredited organisation gives you the safety net of keeping your vehicle legally compliant and our expert team will be able to advise you on what you need to know regarding vehicle wrap modifications.

Properly trained

There’s a huge range of benefits associated with getting your vehicle wrapped and one of those is the protection a properly installed wrap can provide. Installing a tough vinyl overlay that can last for eight years means bodywork is protected against everything from UV damage to the minor dings and scrapes of everyday life. That in turn will increase your vehicle’s resale value when you come to trade up.

The point is that a poorly installed car wrap offers you none of those benefits. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professionally accredited company whose fitters are trained to industry standards. 

Professional and credible

For tradespeople, having your standard white van vinyl wrapped is a way of showing that your business is professional and credible. Professional accreditations work in a similar way, to demonstrate the professionalism and credibility of the company you’ll be working with.

Vehicle signwriting in East Sussex

Want to know more about the benefits of vehicle wrapping for your business? We’re highly recognised for our professionalism, expertise and multiple accreditations so why not work with the best and give Vehicle Signwriting a call?

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