4 Dynamic Types of Vehicle Signs


Basic Vehicle Signwriting

If you can afford no other kind of marketing for your business, basic vehicle signs are probably the best value marketing money can buy. Starting at around £325 + vat, if you keep your vehicle for three years, this works out at only 29 pence, per day, your company name will be seen by tens of thousands of people  every day. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, your vehicle is being used as a sleeping salesman. If you are in business then vehicle signs are a must from the very start.

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap is for more established businesses which want to demonstrate their professionalism. We would normally bring in things like pictorials and photographs to show the kind of work your business is doing for its clients. The cost of this comes in at around £750 + vat, and whilst this works out at only 68 pence per day it is a bigger investment than the basic signwriting. However, a partial wrap can set your business apart from the competition and will ensure you are more visible around town. A partial wrap also gives you a more professional edge.

Half Wrap

We believe this will give you your biggest bang for your buck! A half wrap shows you really care about your business and some of the half wrap designs we do are simply just stunning, portraying you and your business head and shoulders above your competition. A half wrapped van shows your clients, you really care about your image and your business, and that the quality of your work really shines through. Half wraps start at around £1,200 + vat. Taken over a three year time frame this works out at only £1.09 per day.

Full Wrap

By far the most elaborate of vehicle signs, full wraps look stunning, and really draw attention to your business. We have all seen the Sky TV vans driving around and they look fantastic, so if your want to pitch your vehicle wrap amongst the very best then a full wrap is the way to go. On a medium-sized vehicle this will come in at around £2,200 + vat which is only £2.09 per day, less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Getting your van or car signwritten is by far the best marketing decision you can make for your business without a doubt.

If cost is an issue we do a payment plan where we are happy to spread the cost over three months interest free, using Go Cardless. For more information, or to book your vehicle in, please call our team on 01273 417059 today!

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