Vehicle sign writing isn’t a luxury for your fleet

fleet sign writing

Vehicle sign writing for your livery is a cost-effective way to professionalise your fleet wherever you are located.

Great graphics, good wrapping and on-vehicle marketing has become a necessity not a luxury. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to make an impact and boost your brand recognition.

In any situation, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. And whether you have two vehicles or 200, a well-designed vehicle wrap can create the polished and professional look that every business craves.

Here’s why you need that perfect vinyl wrap design to get your fleet noticed the right way.

Think big

If you’re convinced that a door decal with your contact details is winning you business, think again. Take a look at the leaders in your sector and you’ll find they make the most of the power of vinyl graphics to turn every vehicle in their fleet, from vans to lorries, into mobile billboards.

Of course, your product or services need to be outstanding but professionalising your fleet, with high-quality graphics will make you stand out from the crowd and lodge you top of mind with potential customers. Be prepared to invest in professional fleet wraps to build trust and boost your customer base.

Professionalism matters

It’s not enough to know that your products and services are top notch. You wouldn’t have a website that’s hard to navigate and looks boring and static, so why would you assume a plain white van would bring customers flocking to your business?

Wrapping your fleet is an easy way to establish your credentials as a professional and credible business. Well-designed car wraps create a massive impact and deliver impression costs as low as 0.40p per thousand. But they go beyond just delivering information about your business. Fleet wraps convey a professional image and give your business instant credibility. They give your business personality and an unmistakeable identity. And they convey your values while converting passive eyes into new customers.

Cohesive design

Achieving the look couldn’t be easier if you work with a professional designer and installer. At Vehicle Sign Writing we deliver a complete end to end service so clashing colours and mismatching graphics are a things of the past. 

We understand how an attention grabbing design can unify the appearance of your fleet, creating a unique, memorable and professional appearance. This can be hard to achieve without access to professional design technology that delivers on every detail, and installation that makes the most of your graphics.

Maintain your graphics for a professional finish

If you want to maintain your brand reputation, you need to keep your graphics well-maintained for a professional finish. Keeping your vehicle sign writing clean and fresh with an updated message is an effective way to keep your fleet looking cohesive and polished to maintain your message.

Professional vehicle sign writing is not a luxury

Giving your fleet a streamlined and professional finish pays dividends in customer credibility and employee confidence. Best of all, it’s no longer a luxury with cost-effective services from Vehicle Sign Writing. Contact us today to find out more about transforming your fleet with high-grade vehicle wraps.

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