Vehicle Signwriting: Why we only use the best materials

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Vehicle Signwriting uses only the best materials to make your vehicle wrap durable and vibrant.

You know the old saying ‘you get what you pay for?’ If your East Sussex business is looking for a vehicle wrap, at Vehicle Signwriting we only use the best materials for outstanding results.

We understand that using low-grade materials can risk your investment in eye-catching graphics for your vehicle. That’s why we only use products from industry-specific suppliers, including 3M, Avery, Hexis and Metamark.

Vehicle wraps are an unparalleled way to increasing brand awareness. They’re more cost-effective in terms of cost per impression than any other type of advertising. And they’re non-invasive to intrigue your customers and keep your business top of their mind.

Why is choosing top-quality material for your vehicle wrap so important?

It’s sturdy and durable

Choosing the right wrap materials makes all the difference between a wrap that keeps creating impressions and one that fails within weeks or months. The bottom line is, the longer your wrap lasts, the more cost-effective your messaging.

If you want a wrap to last for up to seven years, we advise you to choose a cast vinyl. This premium vinyl will conform to all vehicle body shapes creating an exceptional result. For premium results, insist on a top-quality laminate for increased protection for your vehicle graphics. 

Calendered vinyl is a cheaper option and is ideal for decals and stickers to be applied to flat surfaces.

It creates a professional impression

Vehicle wraps are a great way to build trust and authenticity for your business. After all, if you’re prepared to brand your works van or company car, you’re investing in creating a professional impression. And because your vehicle is always on display, it’s important that your wrap creates the best first impression.

By using industry-best materials including cast and calendered vinyls from 3M and Avery, we can help your business build brand recognition and stay top of mind.

All vinyls are not created equal

When you’re getting quotes for your vehicle wrap, don’t be afraid to ask what materials the signwriting company use. If they prefer to remain silent, and the quote looks suspiciously cheap, the probability is that they’re using cheaper off-brand vinyl.

This cost-cutting tactic can lead to more expense. They can be trickier to install than premium materials and more difficult to remove. The likelihood is that your graphics will look inferior with poor colour reproduction, and your vehicle won’t enjoy the protection of best-in-class premium products.

Why Vehicle Signwriting uses the best materials

We know that high-quality materials are precision formulated to ensure a clean and durable installation that saves our customers money in the long run.

With any vehicle wrap it’s essential that you use the right material for the desired result, which is why our designers will work with you to visualise the finished wrap and recommend the right materials for the job. We offer a range of solutions including decals and stickers plus short term wraps that last up to two years for short term-promotions.

To find out more about using vehicle wraps to promote your business, contact us today.

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