Van Wraps: Make your fleet stand out


Van Wrapping is the eye-catching and cost-effective way to make your company fleet stand out in 2022.

Let’s start with some eye-opening statistics. Seventy-five per cent of people develop a favourable impression of your fleet vehicles if you use vehicle graphics. And an incredible 91% will sit up and take notice of your vehicle signage. But beware, you have just 8-10 seconds – the time it takes for the lights to change from red to green – to make a great first impression.

In other words, if you’re not using vinyl wraps, decals and vehicle signwriting for your fleet, your vehicles aren’t working as hard as they could to get your brand noticed. Here’s how to make your fleet stand out from the competition in 2022.

Make an impact with car and van wrapping.

Vehicle graphics can be incredibly effective, but it’s worth following a few simple rules to maximise your ROI. After all, a vinyl wrap can be highly cost-effective, but if it doesn’t enhance your brand, you’ve wasted your money.

– Keep your design simple and eye-catching for best results.

– Keep your text simple and relevant to your business.

– Focus on legibility and readability, using san-serif fonts and high contrast colours.

– Choose graphics carefully and make sure they’re business focused and don’t detract.

– See what your competitors are doing and then do it better.

Benefits of branding your fleet

In terms of reach, nothing beats vehicle graphics and even a short drive or parking your vehicle outside the office can net hundreds of impressions. Here are the top five reasons you need fleet branding in 2022:

1. Brand recognition

Whether you’re a start-up or established business, you want people to be aware of your business. Branding your fleet gives you instant visibility and creates a buzz about your business. This gets your marketing message out there and helps build trust and a positive brand image.

2. First impressions count

It’s the first rule of business. The more effective your fleet wrap designs, the bigger and better the impression you’ll create. Better yet, high-quality vehicle signwriting inspires trust and confidence so people take your business seriously.

3. Expand your opportunities

While your competitors are driving around with boring company decals, professional vehicle signwriting is reaching thousands of potential customers wherever your fleet travels. No matter how big your static signs are, they can’t match the impact of turning your vehicles into mobile billboards.

4. Target your market

Vehicle wraps should be a central part of your marketing campaign. After all, they give you the opportunity to get right to the heart of your target markets, day after day. So if you’re a cleaning company, spending a few minutes driving through the local business district could net new customers. Or send out a branded vehicle when there’s a big sports event or concert so your name and logo get seen by huge crowds.

5. Mobile ambassadors

When you’re looking to promote a professional image, your employees probably wear branded clothing. Branding their vehicles as well instantly turns them into mobile company ambassadors.

Want to find out more about using vehicle signage for your business? Contact Vehicle Sign Writing today.

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