Signage: take it to the street and make your message count

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Do you know how long you have to get your message across in London? Just 8 seconds. As humans, we’re bombarded with up to 5,000 messages a day which makes signage a valuable way to make your message count. Put that message out on the streets and you’ll create an attention grabbing display that keeps your business top of mind.

Whatever the first impression that your bricks and mortar premises makes, the first contact with your brand should be eye-catching and intriguing. And there’s no better way to achieve that than by using a beautifully designed vehicle wrap as your brand ambassador on the streets.

Communities count

Reaching out to the heart of your community is the savvy way to advertise your goods and services in the heart of your target market. Take your message beyond your premises through diverse outlets – these might include local advertising, promotional products to give away at community events and vehicle graphics.

By wrapping your company car or van, you’ll be delivering your branding message to the community, mile after mile. That keeps your business top of mind and extends the reach of your branding way beyond your business premises. Make it look good and you’ll create the great first impression that every business craves. See some more examples in our vehicle gallery.

Attention grabbing

If your branded vehicle is the first contact that new customers have with your business, it needs to communicate the right message in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Making a great impression differentiates you from the competition, but you need to keep your messaging clear and direct. Avoid images that don’t relate to your branding and keep the message short and to the point – only include social branding if you have a strong presence online, otherwise your website URL and a contact number will suffice.

Homing your message also ensures that your graphics are readable when you’re on the move and legible when your vehicle is parked up outside your home or business.

Unexpected benefits

Vehicle signwriting creates high visibility for your work vehicle, creating thousands of impressions and making this one of the most cost effective forms of advertising.

But visibility has other benefits. Customers prefer advertising that doesn’t bully or cajole, and with over 25% of us now using an ad blocker if you don’t get your branding on point your messaging risks being tuned out. A well designed car wrap is an intriguing way to pique the interest of your customers without being abrasive or confrontational.

But increased visibility doesn’t just raise the profile of your brand in a customer friendly way. Research suggests that highly recognisable vehicles represent a significant risk factor for car thieves, which could result in lower insurance premiums for you – a definite win-win.

Professional car signage in London and beyond

If you want to make the best first impression with a vinyl wrap and enjoy all its other advantages, we can help. At Vehicle Sign Writing we have the skill and expertise to design car graphics that look great and maximise your return on investment. We can guide you through every step of the process so that when your vinyl wrap hits the streets, you’ll make your message count, so get in touch.

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