Signage benefits that are critical for effective branding

benefits of branding

Making a great first impression is just one of the benefits of great marketing. Creating a lasting impact is critical for effective branding. That’s why vehicle signage should be a central part of your marketing mix if you’re a London based business. Making use of vehicles you already own to create mobile billboards is a beneficial way to advertise, whether you’re a startup or an established business.

A credible local presence

Branding your vehicle allows you to quite literally drive your marketing message into your target market. Your local customers will be aware of your vehicle on the streets, parked outside your business or out on a call.

A stylish car wrap that oozes professionalism gives your business credibility and starts the customer journey with a positive experience of your brand. Your marketing says you can deliver a top notch service or product.

Building brand awareness

Vehicle branding is a highly effective marketing method that can have a dramatic impact on brand awareness and many other benefits. A car wrap can drive rates of brand recognition that are 15 times higher than other forms of advertising.

That translates into some of the most cost-effective means of marketing available to any business. Consider that UK motorists spend a considerable amount of time on the road and that there an estimated 35 million vehicles in the UK. That equates to as little as 4p per impression – an impressive figure when compared to more traditional forms of advertising like radio ads and direct mailouts that have a similar reach. It’s a compelling argument for making the most of your business assets to build your brand.

Flexibility and personalisation

Consistency is critical when you’re building brand awareness. Your messaging, brand colours, logos and other assets should flow seamlessly across marketing platforms, whether that’s print advertising, your website or a vinyl wrap.

A well-designed vinyl wrap is flexible enough to accommodate your branding and can be personalised to suit your vehicle and your budget. Different materials lend themselves to different campaigns: consider cast vinyl for long term marketing campaigns and to raise brand awareness, while calendered vinyl is the budget option. For time-limited campaigns or quick personalisation, you might consider decals or magnets.

The point is that vehicle signwriting is a quick and effective way to kickstart any campaign, whether you have a healthy budget or you’re a startup on a shoestring.

Non-aggressive advertising

In the age of ad-blockers and ‘in your face’ advertising, a vinyl wrap can give your business the edge. An eye-catching and attractive design will create a memorable impression, not a negative reaction to your branding.

Signage benefits for your London business

Vehicle signwriting is the savvy way to take advantage of the opportunity to reach a wider audience. This powerful tool can attract new customers and reinforce the positive impression of existing ones. The success of your vehicle wrap depends on working with a specialist company, which is where we come in. At Vehicle Sign Writing, we can guide you through the process, ensuring that your vinyl wrap gets the attention of passersby and makes the most of all the benefits of this effective form of advertising. To find out more, contact us today.

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