Company vehicle signage: keep it BASIC for maximum ROI

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If you drive a company vehicle in London, you want it to stand out. Vehicle signage can give your brand a much needed boost and differentiate you from the competition. But if you want to maximise the return on your investment, you need to know how to keep it BASIC.


The first thing your wrap design should be is consistent with your brand. Every visual element should send the right signals to your customers and retain the same logo, colours, fonts and other visual assets that you use throughout your branding.

Identify what you want to convey in a couple of sentences. That clear message should inform all of your design decisions as you work towards building a clear brand identity and looking at company vehicle signage.


If you’re dealing with a van or truck, then your design needs to be bold enough to make the most of the available space, with amazing and attractive graphics that grab the attention of passers by.

You’re aiming to create an experience for your customers and provoke a reaction when your mobile billboard drives into view. Exciting graphics are central to creating a visual impact even from a distance and can highlight your products and services in a unique way.


Bold colours, strong fonts and enticing visuals are all key components of your design. But you also need to use blank space around the graphic elements to throw the attention onto the information you want to convey.

Here are five tips to keep it simple and uncluttered:

  • Think of the overall look when your vehicle is parked or stuck in traffic
  • Avoid unnecessary clutter and opt for a sophisticated and simple design
  • Keep your text bold, clear and legible
  • Use fewer colours, but make sure they’re bright and make an impact
  • Ensure your design conveys one simple brand message


What’s the most important information your company vehicle signage needs to convey? Your business name and contact details. If you’re not active on social media, why waste space on your wrap promoting a channel you don’t use.

Likewise, you may offer a wide range of services, but what’s your core offering? Too much information will be a turn off for your viewers. Instead, direct them to your website where they can find out more.


You want your company vehicle design to be different. But you can’t achieve that until you know what the competition is up to. Take the time to research competitors’ designs to avoid duplication or copycat issues and use that information to direct your own unique design.

If you keep everything consistent with your original branding, then you should produce a wrap that marks you out from the competition and positions your business as the market leader in the products and services you offer.

Vehicle signage for your London business

It’s not easy to get your branding to stand out, but a well-designed wrap can do the work for you. By following the simple rules and keeping it BASIC, you’ll create a unique marketing and branding tool that puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

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