Signage for your SME: Are Vehicle Wraps A Smart Choice?

vehicle wraps

If you’re running a small business in London, you’ll be aware of vehicle wraps. Everything from scooters to lorries can be wrapped in vinyl to make an eye-catching marketing statement. But if you thought that car signage was just for big business running a fleet of vehicles, you’re missing out on the power of vehicle graphics for your brand awareness and marketing campaigns.

How vehicle wraps can market your SME

Vehicle wraps get thousands of impressions per day, making them one of the most affordable ways to raise brand awareness. They’re particularly effective when you’re in traffic, either moving or stationary, but they can also grab eyeballs when you’re parked outside the office or on a job.

Turning your car into a mobile billboard is an effective way of taking your marketing message and brand directly to your target demographic. That makes vehicle signwriting much more cost-effective for small businesses. A simple one-off payment and a highly effective wrap design makes this type of marketing more effective than newspaper or radio ads, with much lower costs per impression.

Is a vehicle wrap right for your business?

So is a wrap right for your small business? Vehicle signage is highly effective for many types of business, but can be a perfect fit for your small business:

  • if you’re hyperlocal: if your business relies heavily on local clients and advertising, a car wrap will showcase your brand to your target market, keeping it top of mind
  • if you’re in a visual industry: a vehicle wrap is a great way to showcase your work to potential clients if you’re in business in graphics, design, or photography
  • if you run a small fleet of vehicles: if you’re in vehicle recovery or food delivery, matching wraps across your vehicles can promote brand consistency and awareness, giving your company a professional appeal.

The average ROI of your vinyl wrap

Measuring ROI depends on a number of factors, including when and where you drive your vehicle and how effective the design is. However, there are some simple steps you can take to measure the reach and effectiveness of your car wrap:

  • provide a unique phone number and track the number of enquiries you receive through it
  • add a shortcode for texts and track the number of texts you receive
  • add a QR code or URL that links through to a unique landing page where you can measure the number of hits and other useful metrics
  • advertise a special discount or deal and keep track of how effective the offer is in terms of increased sales

With all these methods, keep it as simple and memorable as you can so it stays with your customer if they don’t have their smartphone close at hand.

Car signage for your London SME

With their unparalleled reach, cost-effectiveness and visual appeal, car wraps are a match made in heaven for your SME. If you’re interested in finding out more about opportunities to build your brand and achieve the best return on investment then contact us at Vehicle Sign Writing. We have the experience and expertise to help you create and install a wrap that boosts your brand.

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