Signage For Your Vehicle Makes A Great New Year’s Investment

signage on car

Is your New Year’s resolution to grow your London based business? Then you need signage solutions that get you noticed, building brand recognition and loyalty.

One of the most effective and convenient forms of marketing available, investing in a vehicle wrap is the savvy way to start the new year with a bang and keep your business in your customers’ minds.

What makes vehicle signage so effective?

Vehicle wraps are effective because they take your marketing message direct to your target audience. They may not be one of the first channels you think of, but consider the evidence:

In traffic-heavy areas like London, your wrap may be seen by 3,000 potential customers an hour UK drivers spend over 1,000 hours behind the wheel per year There are over 35 million registered vehicles in the UK

Put those figures together and that’s a huge potential audience. To buy a single radio advertising slot can cost around £1.20 per hundred impressions and it can get lost as drivers juggle channels. A vehicle wrap delivers the same number of impressions for just 4p and this passive form of advertising will keep your memorable information visible at all times, whether you’re stuck in traffic or parked outside a client’s house.

Create a buzz

Vehicle wraps are still a relative novelty on British roads and are guaranteed to create a buzz when designed and installed professionally. In addition, a fully branded vehicle gives your customers the assurance that your brand identity can be trusted, unlike a plain white van.

And while your vehicle is getting itself noticed, those attractive and eye-catching graphics are helping to protect your vehicle from superficial damage, enhancing its resale value.

Maximise your assets

Your office or commercial premises already deliver useful advertising space for your business. So why not approach your vehicle in the same way? They represent under-utilised real estate which is 100% free for use. Wraps are quick to install and start building your brand from the moment they hit the road.

If you’re still wondering whether vehicle livery is the right investment for your business, try asking yourself the following questions:

Is my business or the services I’m offering new to the market?
Am I running a campaign that could use a marketing boost?
Are we rebranding or changing our logo?
Have we recently purchased new fleet vehicles?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then a vehicle wrap is a smart investment. And with a wide choice of different materials and colours on offer, you can opt for everything from some cheerful door decals to a full wrap that will last up to 8 years.

Vehicle graphics are highly effective signage

When it comes to return on investment, a low cost sign delivers high long term value for your brand. Working with a professional design company ensures that otherwise wasted real estate delivers benefits for your business in a cost-effective way that other marketing channels can’t match.

If you’re ready to invest in car signage this New Year, get in touch with us at Vehicle Sign Writing. We can help you maximise your ROI with an eye-catching design that puts you top of mind.

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