Signage Matters: why KISS should be your design mantra

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It might have originated with a designer at Lockheed, but the idea of KISS is perfect for modern design. Standing for Keep It Simple Stupid, this is the only design mantra you need when it comes to designing vehicle signage that makes your London business stand out.

Nowadays, the KISS principle crosses all boundaries, from engineering to education. But it’s particularly useful in design, where it’s easy to confuse a maximalist approach with more effective marketing.

The usability principle

Kelly Johnson, the engineer who coined KISS, would tell his team that their designs should be easy to repair with a few simple tools. This is the usability principle – that if we can’t understand a product or design, we won’t be able to use it. Applied to graphic design, this principle directly impacts on market share and brand recognition.

KISS shares the same design DNA as architect Mies van der Rohe’s ‘less is more’ and Einstein’s famous ‘Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler’. Other versions exist, including keep it simple and straightforward and keep it short and simple, but the end result is the same – creating a design that prioritises usability over style.

Effective vehicle signage design

If you don’t want your wrap design to fail, keep the KISS principle top of mind as you create your template. It’s fundamental to creating a wrap that doesn’t fall at the first hurdle by being too visually noisy.

Start with great branding: every outstanding wrap starts with this. It’s the savvy way to embrace KISS while maximising your marketing opportunities. If your branding could do with a makeover, let your car wrap be the standard bearer for a great redesign.

Design to stand out: but don’t fall into the trap of believing that a stand out design needs photos, loud backgrounds and eye-watering fills. Think of the most iconic brands in the world like Apple, Nike and Coke – all three strip back their design to the bare minimum, yet create the maximum impact. Apply the same principles to your design and you’ll differentiate yourself from all the busy wraps out there.

Limit your copy: a well designed vehicle wrap needs well implemented branding and contact information, nothing else. If you have a tagline use it, but leave the list of your services for your customers to discover on your website. Remember, KISS.

Simple is always good: Nobody wants to have to work hard to work out what your brand messaging is all about. That’s why the KISS principle is so pertinent for vehicle wrapping. Take a step back and think about the primary customer takeaway – is your wrap design eye-catching, legible and effective or is your branding lost in the noise? If it’s the latter, then go back to the drawing board and KISS.

Vehicle signwriting for your London business

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we work with businesses across the South East who want to get the maximum return for their investment in vehicle wraps. We can advise you on every step of the design process so your design clearly communicates your branding for recognition and retention, so contact us now.

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