Signage designs tips for the perfect van wrap

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If you’re a small business in West Sussex, you need to consider a van wrap. With up to 70,000 impressions a day, at a cost as low as 4p per thousand impressions, this type of marketing delivers real bang for your budget.

In the latest research, consumers say their recognition of a brand using a van wrap is 15 times higher than other marketing channels, and 30% base their purchasing decision on seeing an eye-catching vinyl wrap.

The medium and the message

Every element of your wrap design should work together to put across your brand message. Your choice of colours, fonts and images should be consistent with your brand image and send a signal to your audience.

Start by expressing your brand identity in a few lines of text and then comparing them with the visual imaging of your wrap. Does it convey the same message? If not, then you’re missing a major opportunity to build your brand.

Research the competition

If you want to stand out from the competition, it pays to know what they’re doing, so that you don’t simply replicate it and you can create a unique visual design for your wrap.

You should research not just the market, but what other businesses locally are doing. Make a note of design elements that you find particularly effective and think of ways to adapt them for a unique creative concept.

Break the mould

Van wraps aren’t designed in the same way that you’d put together a print ad or even online product advertising. A van wrap gives you the opportunity to be bold and use illustrations and graphics to create a visual identity for your brand.

If your brand name doesn’t necessarily reflect what your business is about, great graphic design can be an invaluable way to tell your audience what you do. If you want to highlight your products, service and USP in a completely unique way, you need a well designed van wrap.

Stay sleek

Your design should be bold, but never cluttered. Your brand messaging will struggle to be understood above the visual noise. Think of the branding that appeals to you – chances are it’s sleek and unfussy, letting the design speak for itself.

Look at every angle

For maximum impact, your design should look great from every angle. After all, you’ll be making thousands of impressions when parked side on at the kerb or end on in traffic. Ask yourself whether the design looks good wherever the viewing angles are, and if the text is readable wherever you look.

You also need to be alert for any undesirable changes when you open a door or window. If text gets hidden or the meaning altered, you may need to rethink the design, the amount of text or the way the design elements are positioned.

High quality van signage in West Sussex

If you want low cost, high impact marketing that keeps your business top of mind, van signage is the savvy choice. At Vehicle Sign Writing, we can help you maximise your ROI and give your brand recognition a real boost. Contact us today to discuss your van wrap design options.

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