Vehicle livery that boosts your brand identity

vehicle livery

Is your East Sussex business struggling to get recognised? Vehicle livery is the savvy way to boost brand identity in a way that stays true to your ethos, values and messaging. Your brand is what connects your business to your customers and it goes far deeper than a logo, font and colours.

Create your brand identity

Before you can brand your vehicles you need to create a strong brand identity that makes you stand out from the crowd. Think Apple – their logo is so distinctive they don’t even have to use their brand name to be recognised.

Your branding needs to directly connect to your products and services. But it also needs to tell a story, to reflect the look and feel of your business in a way that your target customer can understand literally in the blink of an eye.

That means your creative elements don’t just need to be distinctive and memorable, they need to be scalable to grow with your business and totally cohesive so every element contributes to your brand identity. That’s where vehicle wrap comes in.

Clear and consistent

Creating a consistent look and feel is your priority, whether you have a company car or a fleet of vehicles. If you’ve worked hard on your branding then you’ll have the basis of an eye-catching design that incorporates every element of your brand from logo to typography.

Now you need to clarify your key messaging. What is it you want to convey to your customers within the few seconds that your vehicle is in their eyeline? You’re aiming to capture attention and promote brand recall so your message needs to be easy to absorb. That means using a font that can be easily seen and read from a distance.

But it also means throwing the spotlight on your business name in a way that registers immediately with your audience – consider using graphics to get the message across if the name doesn’t connect to your products or services.

Less is more

Never overstuff your design. You should consider keeping it short and sweet to include your business name and logo, contact details and website. You’re trying to build brand recognition which means your potential customers should be able to recall exactly what you do after seeing your vehicle.

Keep the design stripped back and striking and work with the professionals to achieve a streamlined look. The last thing you need is critical information being obscured or badly located because you tried to do it yourself. Projecting a professional brand image through vehicle signwriting stands and falls not just on the quality of the creative elements but on the way they work with your vehicle.

High-quality vehicle livery is easy

When you contact us at Vehicle Signwriting we’ll walk you through the process of creating a high-quality wrap that boosts your brand identity. The key to success lies in being as true to your identity as possible and projecting that onto your vehicle in a way that grabs the attention with a highly professional look and feel. Contact us today to discuss the ways that vehicle livery can give your brand a boost.

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