Signage costs: the variables that impact on your vehicle wrap

signage costs

Do you want to know the signage costs for your London based company car? The answer is definitely ‘that depends’. And much as we’d encourage any London based business to get their vehicle out and about in rush hour traffic to create thousands of incredibly low cost impressions, we understand that the bottom line is everything – especially if you’re an SME.

Here’s a look at some of the variables that affect the signage costs of a standard vehicle wrap.

The size and shape of your vehicle

The bigger the vehicle to be wrapped, the more expensive the wrap will be. However, it’s not just the physical size of the vehicle that’s important, but the shape – a curvaceous sports car can be a trickier prospect to wrap than a box shaped van, and flat surfaces are less complex to wrap than compound curves.

The materials used

This can have a big impact on the cost of your wrap, so it’s important to understand the different materials so you know where you can keep the price down when you’re on a tight budget.

Cast vinyl is high quality and therefore costs more, but it lasts much longer than cheaper calendered vinyl. But which material is right for your wrap will depend on a number of factors – for example, if you want to brand a fleet of vehicles for the long haul, then you need a cast vinyl full body wrap that can last up to 8 years. But for your start-up, or if you’re running a time limited marketing campaign, calendered vinyl may be a better choice in the short run and it can always be upgraded later. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best choice for your needs.

The condition of your vehicle

Do you already have car graphics installed? Do you require older vehicles to be wrapped? The condition of your van or car can impact on the final signage costs in several ways. First, you may need an old wrap removing which can be time-consuming, depending on the materials used and the age of the graphics.

Then there’s the question of removing and reinstalling wing mirrors, bumpers and other items of trim. If your vehicle is dented or rusted, there’s the additional cost of sorting out the damage before a wrap can be installed.

The complexity of the car graphics

One other factor that will have an effect on the eventual signage costs is the complexity of the graphic design you intend to use. Although we’d always advise that less is more, certain types of wraps may require more imagery than others.

There’s also a question of whether you want to design the wrap yourself or use our professional designer. They’re highly experienced in using specialised software to place the graphic elements where they’ll make the most impact.

Every signage project is unique

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we know that every job is unique. We also know that branding your vehicle is terrific value for money and can provide a quantifiable boost to brand recognition and engagement. If you want to know more about using vinyl wrap to promote your business, get in touch today.

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