The best way to market your business in an emergency

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Vehicle sign writing is a great way to keep your business top of mind in any emergency! Get in touch with Vehicle Sign Writing to find out more about marketing your business with vehicle signage.

Lockdown may be a distant memory, but emergencies are something that every business needs to be able to cope with. That’s what makes vehicle sign writing such a powerful marketing tool. Customised car graphics let your customers know that your service is still operating and ready to lend a hand during a natural disaster or a pandemic.

Reach your target audience

The pandemic has had a profound effect worldwide. But if your business has weathered the storm, high-quality vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to let your customers know you’re back in business. It’s more important now than ever that you get your marketing message to your target audience, and vehicle decals and signs are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get the message across.

Vehicle signwriting is also highly adaptable. For example, if your business already uses branded vehicles, why not add a decal displaying your new operating hours or simply saying ‘still here!’

Enjoy unprecedented reach

You might think that vehicle graphics make their biggest impact when you’re van is in traffic. But this type of marketing makes an impression wherever your vehicle is, including parked outside your home, on a job site, or even at the supermarket. So when restrictions like lockdown are in place, your vehicle is still promoting your business and getting eyeballs on your brand.

What’s critical is that you make your car wraps attention-grabbing, without losing your logo and contact details in the visual noise. Keeping your branding consistent by using your logos and colours will have maximum impact and let customers know you’re open for business.

Sensitive and non-aggressive

The 24-hour news cycle means we’re bombarded with information from morning til night. It can be overwhelming, leaving your customers in a sensitive place when it comes to being bombarded with aggressive advertising.

Car signwriting isn’t annoying or in your face. The passive nature of this style of marketing means it makes a simple and long-lasting impression. If you want to keep things classy and give your clients a favourable impression of your business, nothing succeeds like a well thought out and beautifully executed vinyl wrap.

Cost-effective marketing

Car signwriting enjoys impressive reach and a cost per impression that other forms of marketing can only dream of. There’s no doubt that Covid and other market shocks have had their impact, and you may be considering cutting costs. 

Fortunately, vehicle wraps are incredibly cost-effective and can continue to generate leads for years. For example, a cast vinyl wrap may cost more initially, but it can advertise your business for up to eight years. And, unlike more traditional forms of marketing, your advertising doesn’t get blocked out or expire.

High-quality vehicle sign writing

During an emergency like a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make a good first impression. High-quality advertising wraps from Vehicle Sign Writing keep communicating your message in an attention-grabbing and highly cost-effective way, whatever life throws at you. Contact us today to start your car wrap journey.

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