Vinyl car wraps can grow your business

vinyl car wraps

Vinyl car wraps: how offline marketing can grow your business

Vinyl car wraps are a cost-effective way to link your online & offline marketing strategies. Contact Vehicle Sign Writing today

It’s tempting to focus all your efforts on digital marketing. But you could be missing out on the opportunity to grow your business much closer to home. Vinyl car wraps are one of the most effective ways to take advantage of offline advertising strategies that deliver incredibly low costs per impression.

We’ve taken a closer look at why offline marketing still works, and how vinyl wraps should be a big part of your strategy.

Why offline marketing makes sense for your business

The biggest advantage of offline marketing is its hyper locality. Your car wrap might not have the reach of a digital ad, but PPC costs can quickly add up. And the one-off cost of a vinyl wrap delivers excellent ROI by turning your vehicles into mobile billboards, driving into the heart of your target markets and attracting millions of views per year.

Your offline marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to build brand awareness right where you need it. And the combination of accurate messaging and transparent details builds trust and authenticity for your potential customers.

If you don’t have the marketing budget to compete with big companies, stop trying. A well-thought-out offline strategy, including eye-catching vinyl car wraps and business signage, can deliver big rewards.

First impressions count

Given a choice between a plain white van and one with attention-grabbing graphics, 98% of viewers say that a well-designed wrap creates positive associations with your company. Your fleet could be the first touchpoint potential customers have of your brand, so make sure your impression is a positive one.

Another area where vinyl wraps score highly is customer recall. 97% of people say they remember eye-catching graphics on the side of a truck in traffic. But those same graphics keep creating impressions when your vehicles are parked outside the office or a customer’s home. 

Vinyl car wraps – the power of passive advertising

However well crafted your digital ad or a marketing tweet, they quickly disappear into the online noise. And to keep your website top of SERPs or your ads top of Google’s page 1 takes a big budget. Even worse, you may not get your preferred keywords, or find your ads are being blocked by frustrated viewers.

Vinyl car wraps are a fantastic investment in passive advertising. They don’t get in your customer’s face or cause a distraction. But your message is still highly visible and makes viewers remember your brand.

Connecting online and offline

Of course, your business needs online and offline marketing strategies for best results. Wise marketers know experiences can now happen anywhere, not just digitally, and your low-cost 24/7 offline efforts are an ideal way to drive customers to your online presence.

Ensure your contact details are clear and easy to photograph. Or add a QR code link to a landing page so you can analyse impact and impressions. What’s certain is that well-designed vinyl car wraps drive growth and brand awareness for your business, all day every day.

Want to find out more about the power of vinyl car wraps for your business? Please contact Vehicle Sign Writing today.