Vehicle wraps: the cost-effective way to boost your brand

BN Blinds car wrap in black and orange

Vehicle wraps are an amazing way to boost brand recognition. Read on to find out how and contact Vehicle Sign Writing today.

Brand awareness is vital for any firm, whether you’re a startup or an established business. And vehicle wraps offer incredible ROI when compared to other forms of advertising. A well-designed and professionally installed car wrap can last for several years, creating hundreds of thousands of impressions and keeping your brand top of mind.

Using vinyl wraps across your fleet is a highly effective way to get your branding seen by your target audience. And if you’re a sole trader, wrapping your work van is a fantastic way to create a buzz around your business.

Mobile marketing

Vehicle wraps turn your car, van or truck into a 24/7 mobile billboard. So you’re generating impressions on a daily basis and creating name recognition that other forms of marketing can’t match. Incredibly enough, you could reach as much as 85% of your potential audience with vehicle signwriting. This means vinyl wraps have one of the most competitive cost-per-impression ratios.

Whether you’re parked at the office, on a customer’s driveway or even stuck in a traffic jam, your vehicle wrap keeps working. And this type of passive advertising is highly effective when you want to create a positive brand impression.

Measure vinyl wrap impressions

Measuring your car wrap data can help you gauge the success of your campaigns. You’ll need to take some basic steps to measure exposure and brand recognition:

Site and consumer-centric data: Site-centric data looks at a single outdoor display location and the number of passers-by. Consumer-centric data measures the number of car wrap displays a consumer sees in daily circulation.

Driver surveys: A driver survey asks a sample of consumers about the vinyl wraps they notice along a familiar route. This data can help you drill down into demographics such as age, gender and spending patterns to help you target your branded wrap designs.

Capturing the ROI of your fleet vehicle wraps

Along with the data on impressions, you can be proactive in measuring the ROI of any vehicle wraps you use:

Alternate mobile number or short code

Using a unique phone number or short code that only appears on your van wrap advertising lets you capture the interest generated by your vehicle branding. This should give you an idea of the visual impressions created by your car and van wraps.

Alternate landing page

Similar to using a vinyl wrap-specific number, create a landing page that is only advertised via your vehicle wraps. As a result, you can use web analytics to track visitor behaviours and traffic numbers generated by vehicle signwriting.

Advertise a promotion

Include a promotion in the design of your vehicle wrap that doesn’t appear elsewhere in your advertising. Include a unique code that entitles users to 15% off your services or a BOGOF offer, then track the uptake.

Vehicle wraps from Vehicle Sign Writing

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we can help you create vehicle wraps that generate multiple impressions to boost your brand recognition. Why not contact the team today?