Car wraps: your complete summer care guide

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Car wraps are great for publicising your business. But how do you take care of them in hot weather? For all your car wrap needs, contact Vehicle Sign Writing

Rising temperatures can be tough on your car wraps. And that could leave your vehicles looking faded and worn, just when you need to make a great impression. Fortunately, our maintenance guide will help you keep your car and van vinyl wraps looking good as new. So here’s how to look after your fleet graphics this summer.

Stay out of the sun

Good advice doesn’t just apply to people. Your car wraps also need protection from fierce UV rays. And prolonged exposure can have a damaging effect on the best-applied vehicle graphics.

You can’t avoid exposing your car to sunlight when you’re driving around. But you can park your vehicle in the shade during the day to minimise exposure.

At night, use a garage or carport. However, beware of parking under trees, as you may find your wrap covered in twigs, sap and bird droppings.

Do a daily inspection check

Take the time each evening to walk around your vehicle and check for any dirt, grime or other debris. Use a spray bottle of water and a soft cloth to wipe away any contaminants so they don’t damage your car wrap.

Keep your car wrap clean

Regular washing is essential for summer maintenance and can keep your car wraps looking good for years to come. You’ll need to do the job by hand, as power sprays and industrial car washes can damage the wrap by loosening the edges. In turn, this causes bubbling and peeling that can ruin your graphics.

Here’s how to wash your car throughout the summer:

– Wash your car weekly, rather than when it appears dirty. Any contaminants and dirt that are allowed to stay on your car wraps can spoil the design and be tough to remove.

– Use a soft jet of water from a hose pipe to gently remove dirt from your vehicle. Never use a power washer.

– Use a gentle and non-abrasive car shampoo designed for car wraps and apply it with a soft cloth or sponge. Clean gently without rubbing the vinyl too roughly to protect your graphics.

– Finally, rinse with clean water and use a squeegee to remove any excess water and minimise water spots. Then buff gently with a microfibre cloth, but don’t be tempted to add a wax finish, as this can damage the vinyl.

Our top tips for maintaining a car wrap

To keep your car wraps looking good all year round, invest in quality materials. Then apply an overlaminate to protect against abrasions, weather conditions and UV rays.

Take extra care if you live in a warm, dry climate or you drive heavily in urban areas. Be extra vigilant in these challenging conditions.

Choose your colours with care. Darker colours such as red, navy and black will all absorb more UV rays. And as our summers heat up, you can find those colours start to fade faster than white and pastels.

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