How best to maintain your vehicle wrap


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Vehicle wraps are a great way to turn your car or van into a mobile billboard. And with low-cost impressions, a wrap delivers a fantastic ROI. However, your mobile advertising is only as good as your maintenance efforts. So once your wrap is professionally designed and installed, here’s how to keep it looking its best.

Dos and don’ts of washing vehicle wraps

You should wash your vehicles at least once a week and more often if they’re exposed to high levels of dirt and pollutants. Use a product specifically designed for vinyl wraps and apply it with a sponge or soft cloth.

– Do take your time removing stubborn stains, as rushing could damage your wrap. Soak these stains with very hot water to soften them. Dried and hardened bird droppings or tree sap could leave permanent marks.

– Don’t use products containing isopropyl alcohol, as this could damage the finish of your wrap. Talk to your car wrap installer about the best products to use to keep your vehicles looking as good as new.

– Do use the lowest setting and the appropriate nozzle if using a pressure washer.

– Don’t use any abrasive products that could scratch your car wrap or cause the edges to start lifting. Products to avoid include bathroom and kitchen cleaners, oil-based cleaners, engine degreasers and solvents which can all ruin your wrap.

– Do finish drying with a chamois or microfibre cloth to minimise water spots.

– Don’t be tempted to go to a car wash, as the stiff brushes can degrade the surface of the film or even cause it to peel and lift – stick to gentle handwashing for best results.

– Do mop up any fuel or oil spills as quickly as possible with a wet paper towel as soon as they happen at the garage. Then make an effort to do a thorough clean-up job as soon as you can before the spill degrades the vinyl.

Top maintenance tips for vehicle wraps

Your vinyl graphics will suffer after prolonged exposure to UV, dirt, grime and other pollutants in the atmosphere. These can cause serious degradation to the vinyl on large areas such as the bonnet and roof.

Ideally, you should store your vinyl-wrapped vehicles in a garage, but that’s not always possible. Instead, during the day, try and park under a canopy or in the shade to minimise the effect of UV. You could use a car cover at night to mitigate the effects of acidic rain or dew. 

To keep your vehicle wraps looking their best, avoid driving in tough off-road conditions as much as possible. If that’s unavoidable, opt for a cast vinyl wrap for greater longevity.

Finally, if your wrap is peeling, bubbling or turning brown, have the wrap professionally removed or repaired.

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