Wraps a cost-effective way to rebrand fast

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Car and van wraps are a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness. Looking to rebrand? Call Vehicle Sign Writing today on 01273 417059.

A rebrand can be a massive undertaking. But there is one way you get your new logo out there, fast. Car wraps are a cost-effective way to turn your vehicles into a mobile billboard. They’re a non-invasive way to boost brand awareness and recognition as part of a company-wide refresh.

Why you need a rebrand

If your branding looks tired or outdated, it could be time for a refresh. Or your company vision might have changed, meaning that you need to revisit key brand touchpoints across the customer journey.

The key to getting a rebrand right is consistency. So your new logo and colours should appear on everything from business cards and letterheads to car wraps. Working with a professional designer ensures your new branding takes pride of place for maximum impact.

Master your marketing plan

Planning ahead will get your rebrand across the right markets fast. As a result, it’s much easier to redesign car wraps that get the message across. Now is the time to eliminate unnecessary images and text, streamline your messaging and get your logo front and centre.

Build brand awareness

Driving your branded vehicles through your target neighbourhoods is one of the most effective tools at your disposal during a rebrand. Repeated exposure to your branding builds awareness and connection fast, supporting your other brand collateral and making the transition to your new visuals seamless.

Consider cost-effective wraps

Compared to other marketing channels, sign writing or wrapping your or van offers maximum reach for minimal cost. And with vinyl wraps lasting up to eight years, the ROI and cost per impression is impressive. Because vehicle sign writing communicates in a direct and non-invasive way, your customers won’t tune out your new branding.

Great design is critical to make the most of your investment. The success of your wraps and your rebrand depend on it. Working with a professional end-to-end service ensures that you use the right materials and print for durable results. In addition, our professional team can ensure your car wraps are installed quickly to the highest standards. So you won’t need to run vehicles with different branding, causing confusion.

Quick campaign updates

If a full rebrand isn’t for you, consider using partial vinyl wraps for quick campaign updates. Partial wraps can be installed and removed effortlessly, allowing you to change up your advertising and launch temporary campaigns without any hassle. 

As a bonus, your car wraps act as a protective barrier. So you can protect your vehicles from everyday scrapes and dings, presenting a professional image at all times. This polished look attracts attention to your branding and your campaigns.

Let Vehicle Signwriting help

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we understand the importance of branding. That’s why we can help you rebrand with professionally crafted and installed car wraps. If you want to highlight your new logo wherever you go, please contact us today.