Van Signwriting: How do you reach your target customer?

Van signwriting

Van signwriting is a great way to reach your target customer. For more tips and tricks contact Vehicle Signwriting today.

Do you know the best way to reach your target customer? If not, think van signwriting. Whether your vehicles are driving in traffic, stopped at a red light, parked outside the office or even outside the local supermarket, you’re not fighting against other advertising. 

It’s that unparalleled visibility and opportunity to literally drive into your target markets that makes vehicle wraps so unique. After all, the places to get noticed are virtually limitless!

So how can you make vehicle graphics work for your business? Read on and find out.

Identify your target customer

First things first. Just who are your target customers? They could be people who’ve already used your products or services, or people who could have a good reason to get in touch in the future.

Your target audience might be passers-by on their way to walk or going shopping, or commuters driving to the office or taking public transport. For most small businesses that operate in one geographical area, anyone who is out and about could be a potential customer.

The chances are that your target audience isn’t paying attention to traditional forms of advertising. They’re much more likely to be on their phone using social media. Grabbing their attention means using exciting and innovative ways of marketing – and that’s where car wraps come in.

Be where your customers are

One of the biggest advantages of in-action advertising is the ability to put your message where your customers are. Van signwriting doesn’t quit. Your message is subliminally there, 24/7. It’s not aggressive or bullying, but if you provide a local service then your brand is always there when it’s needed.

Your vehicles can carry your message right into the heart of your target areas, whether you’re a plumber or a landscape gardener. Increasing your brand visibility and recognition with stunning car graphics attracts constant attention. You’ll enhance the impression that you’re always available and reliable. And that puts you top of mind when your services are required.

Clear and on-brand messaging

Once you’ve identified your target customer, you need to create advertising that delivers. And it’s worth bearing in mind that van signwriting is one of the most cost-effective media around. Your car graphics create thousands of impressions in-place and in-action for a fraction of the cost of TV and newspaper advertising.

To get the best out of your car graphics, keep clear and on-brand with your message. Select a punchy graphic that lets customers know at a glance what you’re about. Keep your logo and company colours consistent across all your branding, including your car wrap. Finally, decide what will work best for you – a full coverage graphic, or a bold information stripe or stand out door stickers.

Vehicle Signwriting gets you noticed

If you’re convinced that vehicle graphics can help you reach your target customer, please get in touch with us at Vehicle Signwriting today. Our team will be happy to talk through your requirements and help you create the kind of stunning, stand-out vehicle wrap that gets you noticed!