Vinyl car wraps vs magnetic car signs

Vinyl car wrap for business

Vinyl car wraps vs magnetic car signs: what’s best for your business?

Vinyl car wraps are the clear winner when you want to build brand awareness and generate leads. Read on to find out why they beat magnetic signs every time.

Building brand recognition is an essential marketing objective for any business. And branding your company vehicles is an easy win when it comes to getting yourself noticed. Get it right, and your vinyl car wraps will generate brand awareness and new leads, right in your target markets.

Vehicle signwriting represents an investment and it can be tempting to opt for magnetic signs to cut costs. Here’s why car wraps are always best for business.

The lowdown on vinyl car wraps

When you invest in marketing, you need a solution that’s built to last. Vinyl car wraps and vehicle signs are a cost-effective solution that can be as simple or complex as you require.

For example, if you’re on a budget or you need to change up your advertising fast, colourful stickers with your latest promo or logo will do the trick. Whereas a full cast vinyl wrap can last for up to eight years, creating thousands of impressions daily. In terms of costs per impression, nothing can match vehicle signwriting as a way to get your brand to your target markets.

Transforming the look of your vehicle definitely grabs the attention of passers-by. Keep your designs bright and brand-focused and you won’t need to worry about customer impact. Your vehicle graphics will keep delivering, and protecting the bodywork from dings and scrapes into the bargain.

Vehicle wraps pros and cons

– Vehicle wraps are a durable branding solution that delivers your marketing message right where you want it

– Car wraps are high impact, delivering the lowest cost per impression of any marketing strategy

– Vehicle graphics are easy to maintain when installed by the professionals and can help to protect the bodywork of your car or van

– Van wraps can be removed, replaced or augmented easily and cheaply

– Vinyl car wraps can transform your vehicle, creating a mobile billboard anywhere you go

You’ll struggle to find any drawbacks to using car wraps for your brand marketing. It’s true that once you’ve removed a wrap it can’t be reapplied, but the chances are you’ll be ready for a refresh or a rebrand by the time your vehicle signwriting is ready to be professionally removed.

Are magnetic signs any good?

If you’re looking for a low-cost branding solution, you’ve probably thought about magnetic signs. And while they’re a more affordable solution, the drawbacks definitely outweigh the benefits.

For example, magnetic signs are easy to apply – but they’re just as easy to remove, making them a target for opportunist thieves. It’s difficult to achieve really attention-grabbing effects with stickers, and over time dirt and grime can build up behind them, making them much less effective. And because you can only apply a magnetic sign to a flat surface, your branding options are limited.

Vinyl wraps for the win!

At Vehicle Sign Writing we can create attention-grabbing vinyl wraps that generate inbound leads. To find out more about vehicle signwriting, please get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.