Signage promotes and protects your franchise. Here’s how!


Buy into a franchise and the hard work of building a brand has already been done. But if you’re also looking to harness the power of vehicle signage to promote your new business across London, then you’ll need to stay consistent with the overall branding of the franchise. That’s where a professional vehicle sign writing business can help.

Whether you want to invest in a full wrap or some carefully placed decals, you’ll need to adhere to the specifications of your franchise. A professional company can help you adapt brand graphics for your new business for one vehicle or across an entire fleet to create that all important professional image.

Vehicle wraps build your franchise

98% of your audience have a more positive impression of businesses that use vehicle graphics. Build on that customer recognition with wraps that connect directly with your customers. This non-disruptive style of marketing generates lead prospects that develop interest in your franchise.

A wrap makes the most of the real estate that your car or van has to offer. That means you can create a head-turning display that acts as a mobile billboard, taking your message directly to the heart of your local market.

Franchises build brands, but your outlay on a vehicle wrap can help to reinforce the brand in an incredibly cost-effective way. And because you know exactly how much you’re spending on this type of marketing, you can evaluate the ROI more effectively.

Vehicle wraps have some unexpected benefits too. They’re a good way to protect the bodywork of your vehicle to maximise resale value. And by visibly branding your vehicles, you’ll make them less attractive to thieves.

Why work with a professional vehicle signwriting company?

Whether you’re wrapping one company car or an entire fleet of vans, cars and motorbikes, you need to work with a company that has experience with big brands. They’ll be able to take your marketing materials and images and create a wrap that builds even more capital for the franchise overall, and your business in particular.

For example, there’s a wide variety of wrapping material on the market. But only an experienced professional will recommend a cast vinyl with laminate that last up to 8 years or advise you on the best way to create decals for short term campaigns. Not only will your installation look better, but it will last longer for maximum impact.

An expert installer will also know how to adapt a franchise design across a range of vehicles and then complete the installation with skill. It’s this level of quality that creates the consistent, coherent and professional look you require for the best results. Take a look at our gallery.

Create a consistent experience with vehicle signage

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we have the expertise to help you create superb franchise graphics across your entire fleet – graphics that are consistent and communicate your message to internal and external customers across London.

We’re happy to discuss the range of signage options and we’ll offer you the best choice of high quality vinyls to ensure that your graphics protect your franchise at all times. If vehicle wraps offer a marketing edge you can’t refuse for your franchise, get in touch with us today.

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