Money-saving van wrap options for your next van

money saving van wrap

A van wrap is an economical way to protect your vehicle and turn it into a moving billboard. To find out more, contact Vehicle Sign Writing.

A vehicle wrap is an intelligent investment for any brand. An eye-catching design gets you noticed. Driving your vehicle in traffic creates thousands of low-cost impressions every day. And did we mention a wrap can protect your vehicle against everyday dings and scrapes?

But how can you make the most of vehicle sign writing to promote your business? These are our top tips to save you money without compromising on impact.

Go partial van wrap

A partial wrap may not have quite the wow factor of a full wrap. But if you’re a local small business that just wants to get your name top of mind, a partial wrap can help you incorporate graphics and essential information with your vehicle’s original colour scheme.

Less is more

Not every business needs full-scale graphics and effects. Vinyl lettering is an excellent choice when you want to get your name, number and website out there without busting your budget. And with well-designed fonts and vinyl lettering, you can create incredible impact.

Optimise colour with your van wrap

If you opt for a partial wrap, you don’t have to pay extra to have your wrap perfectly colour-matched to your vehicle. Why not make a virtue of it and use a high-contrast colour for your virtual wrap – you’ll increase the wow factor by playing with colour psychology to highlight your message. Don’t worry if you get stuck, our professional designers can help you out.

If you want your vinyl wrap to last as long as possible, choose colours with red pigments, including purple and pink.

Choose the right material

Before you choose the material for your vehicle wrap, think about the application for your graphics and the expected lifespan of your wrap.

For example, if you intend to invest in long-lasting graphics for a business such as an estate agents or retail store, you might be better off choosing a long-lasting cast vinyl wrap for a premium result. However, if you don’t require a wrap lasting up to 8 years, or you’re opting for a partial wrap, then calendered vinyl will do the job. More affordable calendered vinyl is also ideal for letters and signwriting.

If you’re still unsure which is the right vinyl for your application, our team will be happy to help.

vinyl lettering on van

Van wrap a smaller vehicle

If you have to choose between wrapping a company car or a work van, the larger the surface area, the higher the cost. However, you should also consider which vehicle does more mileage and is likely to be seen by potential customers. Ultimately, your vinyl wrap will repay you in ultra-low costs per impression.

Consider resale value

One last money-saving tip is to think about resale value. A full wrap may be expensive upfront, but it can save your vehicle from minor damage and preserve the original finish. In turn, that can boost resale value.

Looking for a high-impact vinyl wrap for your business? Please contact Vehicle Sign Writing today and we’ll be happy to help.