Hotel Vehicle Graphics: 5 reasons they are a must-have


Hotel vehicle graphics will get your brand noticed fast and help you stand out from the competition.

Quality signage can attract guests, deliver useful information and define your brand. But hotel vehicle graphics can start making a great impression before your guests have even arrived.

Your marketing embraces a number of different channels, from billboards and advertising to flyers and direct mail. Yet branded vehicle wraps have one of the best costs per impression of any marketing channel, increasing awareness of your hotel in traffic and when parked at reception.

Here are our top five reasons why hotel vehicle graphics are a must-have.

Hotel vehicle graphics increase brand awareness

Vehicle signwriting is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your hotel brand. Whether you’re trying to get established in a saturated market, or your long-established branding could do with a marketing boost, vehicle wraps are a great way to increase awareness up close and at a distance.

For example, when your vehicles are picking up guests and in traffic, you’re getting impressions throughout the journey. Well-designed graphics will get you noticed and keep you top of mind.

Create a great first impression

You could send an anonymous car or van to collect guests from a pick up point. But car graphics not only excite your guests with dazzling imagery making a great first impression, they protect vehicles against everyday scrapes and dings. So your vehicles always make a standout first impression that keeps guests coming back for more.

Display a cohesive message

If you want to reinforce your branding, you need to create a cohesive visual language at every touchpoint in the guest experience. Achieve this with eye-catching vehicle graphics and wraps, and you’ll elevate your brand in the eyes of your guests and curious passers-by.

Keep images, colours and fonts consistent across your marketing, to attract attention and start increasing occupancy rates.

Add convenience for your guests

A seamless guest experience is a memorable guest experience. It’s your job to iron out any pinch points, and create a smooth journey from first contact to departure. And that means embracing all the touch points where guests interact with your brand, including pick up and drop off.

There’s nothing more annoying for your guests than having to guess what or where their hotel transport is. By using hotel vehicle graphics to brand your transport, guests will be able to relax from the moment they step on board. In addition, visitors to other hotels will see your advertising and may consider choosing your hotel in future.

Unbeatable ROI

Showcasing your brand as a mobile billboard is an unbeatable way to extend your reach. You’ll stand out from the competition, creating a positive impression wherever you travel.

Your vehicles create thousands of impression, whether they’re in traffic, parked at the airport or outside your hotel. Car wraps have one of the lowest costs per impression, giving vehicle signwriting one of the best ROIs when it comes to your ad spend.

Want to find out more about using hotel vehicle graphics to promote your brand? Please contact Vehicle Sign Writing today and our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help.