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vehicle livery

An ambulance doesn’t need its siren to make a visual impact. And the chances are you know when your delivery turns up because of the branded van. If your business needs a boost, then we can supply vehicle livery solutions as a smart investment. In fact, there are so many benefits to vinyl wraps and decals you may find it difficult to know where to start. After all, there aren’t many forms of marketing that work 24/7 to boost your brand and raise awareness.

Whether you want the public to instantly identify your brand or to keep your services top of mind, a vinyl wrap can be as short or long term as you want. If your marketing budget is minuscule, then a half wrap or well thought out decals can make a huge difference to brand recall. Put your logo and contact details right at the heart of your target market and start converting impressions into clients.

Case study: the emergency services

The emergency services locked onto the advantages of vehicle graphics long before businesses started to explore the possibilities of mobile marketing. It’s a successful strategy because of the instant recognition. If you need an ambulance, fire engine or police car, they’re instantly differentiated from other vehicles on the road.

There’s also a safety aspect – the distinctive wrapping and graphics alert other road users to the potential hazards of an emergency vehicle travelling at speed. It’s the reason that fleet operators often use this cost-effective method to meet EU regulations, as its relatively cheap and easy to ensure maximum visibility across a range of vehicles.

Establish brand recognition with our vehicle livery solutions

Businesses can tap into the same levels of instant recognition and familiarity. Large supermarkets recognise the value of using identical livery over their entire fleet, from freight lorries to delivery vans. Professional graphics inspire confidence in your customers – by taking care of your fleet, you send the message that you’ll take care of your customers.

Any business that invests in well designed vinyl wraps is establishing levels of credibility that less savvy businesses can find hard to match. As an additional benefit, highly visible vehicles are less likely to be stolen, which can help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Establishing trust

Trust can be hard to build and easy to lose. An investment in vehicle graphics is a shortcut to inspiring trust and confidence in your business. Nobody wants to deal with a cowboy – putting your contact details and logo on your car or van says you care about your reputation and you’re not likely to be a fly by night.

And while your van is parked outside a customer’s house or out on the road, it’s attracting thousands of impressions that keep your business top of mind with potential customers.

Let us help you with showing how are vehicle livery solutions can make a difference. Vehicle Signwriting can help you get the very best return on your investment in vehicle lettering, graphics and vinyl wraps. Get in touch to find out more and give your business get a welcome boost.

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