Bright and bold summer vehicle wrap trends

Vibrant neon pink summer vehicle wrap

As the summer sun begins to shine at last, it’s the perfect time to refresh your automobile’s look with a vibrant, eye-catching summer vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to express your personality, protect your paintwork and turn heads on the road. This summer, the trend is all about bright and bold designs that capture the essence of the season. Let’s explore some of the hottest vehicle wrap trends for summer 2024.

Tropical vibes for your summer vehicle wrap

Nothing says summer quite like a vehicle wrap with tropical designs. Lush green palm leaves, vibrant hibiscus flowers and exotic birds. These designs bring a slice of paradise to your everyday commute. They are perfect for those who love to embrace the lively, carefree spirit of summer.

Outdoors summer vehicle wrap

Neon and fluorescent colours

Neon colours are making a major comeback this summer. From electric blue to hot pink and neon green, these vibrant hues are impossible to ignore. Neon wraps are perfect for those who want their vehicle to stand out in any setting, whether parked on a city street or cruising along the coast. These colours look especially striking under the bright summer sun, creating a dazzling effect that’s sure to attract attention.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are a modern and stylish choice for vehicle wraps. This summer, the trend is to go bold with large, contrasting shapes in bright colours. Think of triangles, hexagons and abstract forms in a dynamic layout. These designs are visually appealing and give a sense of movement and energy.

Gradient and ombre effects

Gradient and ombre effects provide a more subtle yet equally striking option for your vehicle wrap. These designs feature colours that blend into one another, creating a smooth transition from one hue to the next. Popular combinations this summer include sunset-inspired gradients that transition from deep orange to soft pink or ocean-inspired ombres that fade from turquoise to deep blue.

Artistic and abstract designs

For those who want their vehicle to be a true work of art, abstract and artistic designs are the way to go. This trend is all about creativity and self-expression. Think of bold brush strokes, splashes of colour and unique patterns that look as though they’ve been painted directly onto your vehicle. Our vehicle wraps can be as intricate or as simple as you like, making them a great option for artists and art enthusiasts alike. 

green and blue summer vehicle wrap

Benefits of a vehicle wrap in summer

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, vehicle wraps offer several practical benefits, especially during the summer months. High-quality wraps provide an extra layer of protection against the sun’s UV rays, preventing your paintwork from fading. They also shield your vehicle from minor scratches, dings and other environmental damage. They’re easy to remove and replace, allowing you to update your vehicle’s look as often as you like without damaging the original paintwork.

Summer 2024 is all about embracing bright, bold and creative vehicle wrap designs. Why not go for a fresh new look that captures the vibrant spirit of the season? Contact us to find out more.