Signage rebranding for your vehicles – the Pros and Cons


Rebranding can be an exciting exercise. Giving your vehicle signage an overhaul can help you get your message to new customers and reposition your brand in different London markets. There are plenty of reasons to decide on a rebrand, but there are also some negatives that come with the positives.

Consider the collateral

While it’s tempting to want to update your image, it’s also worth considering the collateral you’ve spent time and resources to build. Your customers already know your brand, and if you’ve invested in a high quality vinyl wrap, they’ll have been exposed to your branding thousands of times.

Don’t run the risk of alienating your existing customer base to chase new business. Retaining loyal customers can be more valuable than attracting new ones, so before you get into redesigns and brand strategy, consider whether you need a full on rebranding or whether a new and refreshed design for your vehicle would have a similar impact.

Take account of the cost

A full rebrand of your business signs and fleet vinyl wraps doesn’t come cheaply. However, if you’re rebranding a tired and dated aesthetic and you don’t currently use car signwriting as a way to market your business, now is the ideal time to wrap your business vehicles.

The costs of a rebrand can cut both ways, but upgrading your logo on your website and social platforms can be phased in over a period of time for much lower cost and will deliver a crisp and unified look to your branding.

Establish your brand values

If you’re determined to rebrand to access more affluent markets or because your business has undergone a name change, now’s the time to revisit your brand values and think about issues like ethics and sustainability.

For example, you may decide to purchase an electric car as a business vehicle and have it wrapped. Not only is this an opportunity to get your new branding into your target markets, but the vinyl will provide valuable protection and may even lower your insurance premiums by making your vehicle highly visible and less easy to steal.

Work with a professional designer to make sure that your new logo and branding reflects your company values and communicates them effectively to your customers, reconnecting them with your brand.

Evaluate your logo

Is your logo still fit for purpose or is it time for a change? The chances are your original branding was designed on a tight budget and no longer reflects the business you’ve become.

But that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Do your research and take the elements of your branding that your customers most respond to and give them a tweak. Think of the way top companies like Lego and Apple have slowly evolved their logos over time.

If you only change your logo, then it’s cost-effective and straightforward to add the new design to an existing wrap using a vinyl decal.

Put vehicle signage at the heart of your rebrand

If you decide that your brand needs an overhaul, get in touch with us at Vehicle Sign Writing. We can help you design a new vinyl wrap for an effortless rebrand.

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